Mossberg 715P Pistol - Mossberg's New .22LR pistol


The Mossberg 715P is on sale now Click here

Mossberg is releasing the Mossberg 715P pistol version of the fun 715T. The Mossberg 715T was so popular they had to ride the wave of popularity so they are releasing the 715P in 2014. There is no release date as of December, but the shot show is in about 2 weeks (Jan 14) and I'm sure they'll announce a release date then.

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**We'll post more pictures and information as they become available.

It's an AR style pistol and is essentially like the Mossberg 715T just cut down without a stock. It has a 6" inch barrel with a AR style quad rail and A2 muzzlebreak.

The 715P is coming out of the gate with a nice set of sights, the built in sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation and they're removable.

You can also get a factory 715P with a UTG red dot...from what we can tell it looks like this one

They come with 25 round magazines and the standard Mossberg 715T magazines fit the 715P. You can also get it with a 10 round magazine.

Mossberg 715P Details

  • Weight – 3.5 pounds
  • Total Length – 16 Inches
  • Built in fully adjustable sights
  • Optional UTG red dot
  • Full length top-rail
  • Short quad rail forend
  • 6″ blued barrel 
  • A2 style muzzlebrake
  • Gun Lock
  • 2-year limited warranty

  Mossberg 715P Red Dot


They have at least three versions from the factory.

  •  Mossberg 715P in all black - red dot optional
  •  Mossberg 715P in all tan - red dot optional
  •  Mossberg 715P Pistol - Duck Commander with camo.




Mossberg 715P Price (EST)

These are estimated prices from what we've seen available. You can basically add $40 for the red dot to each price except the Duck Commander which comes with a red dot.

  • Black Mossberg 715P with 25 round magazine + UTG 30mm Red Dot: MSRP = $300 - Retail = $280
  • Tan Mossberg 715P with 25 round magazine + UTG 30mm Red Dot: MSRP = $315 - Retail = $295
  • Mossberg 715P Pistol - Duck Commander + UTG 30mm Red Dot = $450 - Retail = $350

715P Accessories

The 715P will be a ton of fun to accessorize because of the little size and all the rail space. We've gathered a list of some popular accessories and prices below that a typical buyer might want to look at. Probably something I'm going to get is a rear sling mount for single point sling.

Red/green dot sight = $25 - $33+

Vertical grip = $13+ (Assuming you already have the ATF form 1 and paid your $200)

Sling = $10-$20

Red laser sight - $29

Rear sling mount = $15

Flat top carry handle - $20+



You might also like to checkout the GSG MP40 that is coming in Q1 2014 - Click here to see the MP40

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