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**Update July 29 **

Put your deposit down for the GSG MP40 today. We expect our first shipment the week of August 5.

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**Update July 1 2014

We expect the MP40 to be released in August.



GSG makes some of the coolest replica guns in .22lr and they're bringing the GSG MP40 22lr to the market in 2014! Their other popular 22lr is the GSG 522.

The MP40 will be built out of high quality polymers and steel which will help it weigh about 8 pounds and feel very much like a real MP40.

GSG MP40 22LR Versions

GSG is making two different MP40 versions.

The first version of the MP40 will have a metal under folding stock with a 16" barrel that includes a barrel shroud that looks like a suppressor. 

* Update Shot show 2014 - GSG will start off with only the full rifle folding stock version...if it sales well then they will release the pistol version later in the year.

The second is the MP40 pistol with a shorter barrel without the mock silencer that comes with a fixed position pistol stock due to regulations.


(Above - MP40 safety switch)

The safety switch is a rotating dial underneath the rifle right in front of the trigger and behind the magazine.


It coms with a removable rail and rear iron sight so if you wanted to mount an optic on your MP40 you can very easily. I thought this is a nice touch for those that would like to put a scope on it and not hassle with any custom modifications. If you don't like the rail you can easily remove it.


It has a built in metal underfolding stock that folds under or out with a push of a button. The buttstock swivels to fit you at any position which is a nice touch.


Above is showing the stock button to push so the stock will swing out and also the rear sling mount. The front sling mount is on the front left by the foregrip.


Above is the Preproduction MP40 iron sights...this is how the retail version will look with iron sights and without the rail. Also, the final retail version has a nice yellow dot on the front sight for visibility.


Above is the final retail version of the MP40 with the rail mounted and just the front iron sight on. (the rail is removable)

GSG MP40 Magazine Sizes

There will be two GSG mp40 magazine sizes that will include a 10 round magazine and a 23 round GSG MP40 magazine.

* Update Shot show 2014 - Both magazines will be made out of polymer and look awesome. 


It's almost cruel for GSG to even announce the MP40 so far in advance! All the forums are always buzzing about this rifle and wanting an update...there have been no updates since the shot show.

The MP 40 price is going to be around $550 and will surely be a great seller for GSG. 


**UPDATE shot show 2014 **

We emailed GSG about the MP40 for more information on a release date. They said the MP40 will be release around  June 2014. So we still have a few months before the MP40 22lr will be in our hands.

It looks like the MP40 price will be close to $500.

gsg mp 40 for sale

gsg mp40


GSG MP40 22lr 

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