Glock 42 Extended Magazines


Yes, there is little doubt that there will be Glock 42 extended magazines coming out later this year. 

The only questions are when and what size extended mags will be available.

The 6 round Glock 42 magazine goes pretty darn fast when you're out at the range and then you're back reloading. And right now you can't even buy one extra magazine because Glock hasn't released the magazines out for sale yet.

What size Glock 42 extended magazine would you like to see available? 

An 8 round mag would probably be similar to a typical extended mag that you could still carry as it would not stick out much more then 3/4" more then the standard 6 round magazine.

Of course it might be nice to have a 12 round mag for going to the range with, it would stick out of the grip too far to be practical to carry, but it would be a great range and practice magazine.

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