Glock 42 Accessories

Now that you have that awesome little GLOCK 42 you'll want to check out some of the available Glock 42 accessories available. 

Keep in mind that since the G42 recently launched and the accessories are just starting to become available and more will become available in 2014.

The first Glock 42 night sights to the market were the XS Sights that you can see below. Their famous dot and big dot sights are unique and are such a great match for small defensive pistols such as the Glock 42.

Glock has recently release a gen 2 or version 2 of their Glock 42 magazines. They have a beveled edge at the top...and the latest magazine version is what we're getting in stock.

New Releases

Glock just released the G42 magazines with grip extension in September 2014.

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