Glock 42 Accessories, Holsters, Lasers, Magazines


The new Glock 42 has just been released and the top manufactures are already showing off some of the cool Glock 42 accessories you'll be able to buy for the sweet little G42.

Some of the most popular accessories are Magazines, holsters and sights.

We have the following sights in stock

Glock 42  night sights standard dot
Glock 42 night sights big dot


We have the following Glock 42 holsters in stock

Glock 42 De Santis NemesisGlock 42 De Santis Pocket Tuck

Checkout the Glock 42 DeSantis Nemesis below. You can see that the outer liner is rubber so it stays put in your pocket and the inner liner is soft and allows you to easily draw your gun.

One of the fist accessories is the Glock 42 Crimson Trace laser sight shown below. It looks like it just slips on over the trigger guard and looks like it's a factory accessory. You can tell it's very slim too.

It's official name is the LaserguardĀ® (LG-443). It looks like this version is a red laser only...however I'm sure they'll pinch out a green laser soon. The MSRP is $ expect the street retail price to be much lower.

Check out the Glock 42 laser sight here.


We'll keep updating this Glock 42 accessory page as new products are announce and released.

In the mean time, checkout a couple G42 pictures below :)


G42 magazine picture


Glock 42 vs Glock 26

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