Recent Updates

We're a small shop that is focused on customer service. If you email us we'll get back to you asap, if possible we reply even if it's after work hours.

We like GSG products which are mostly .22lr rifles and pistols. GSG specializes in creating quality replicas of larger caliber, popular or unique firearms and they make them available in .22lr and for a lower price. For example the GSG mp40 is one of their latest guns they've made.

We especially like the GSG 522 rifle that comes in several different styles and has lots of fun accessories available to it. We've specialized in GSG products like GSG 522 Accessories, 522 drum magazine, 522 stocks, the 522 22 round magazines and the GSG 1911 magazines.

We also try to keep the Mossberg 715T magazines in stock even though Mossberg has a hard time keeping them available to gun dealers. The Mossberg 715P is their latest version and it's a great value for a cool little .22lr AR style pistol.

The latest Glock is the Glock 42 which we have the hard to find magazines along with other Glock 42 accessories like holsters and after market sights.

Have a question? Give us an email (sales or call us during work hours and we'll be happy to help.